Compelling and wise

A strange yet compelling book that addresses some big topics in its relatively small compass. With its very small cast of characters, it deals with the subject of loneliness and has much to say about living with disability and pain. It is also about the search for meaning in one’s life, and the solace and sense of purpose that a spiritual search brings. And it is about our inescapable sense of being human, the need for companionship and the ties that drive us to help those who are also suffering. Above all, however, it looks at the way in which ideas can dictate our very being, leading us to make drastic life choices. It also has some very useful observations on the practice of meditation!

Very well written, the story gradually draws the reader into the diminishing physical world (but expanding spiritual world) of B. As the focus moves ever inwards, the intensity of B’s observation and questioning of its meaning increases. A very wise book, highly recommended!

D. Waite, Amazon