A little book of unknowing

Anne Stamper | The Julian Meetings magazine, April 2017 issue
Jennifer Kavanagh is a Quaker and a retreat leader. In this little book she writes from her own experience, but also draws on the works of well-known spiritual writers, Julian of Norwich, the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, and Evelyn Underhill to mention a few.
She points out that Homo sapiens means ‘wise man’ not ‘Homo omnisciens’, ‘man all knowing’. However we often behave as if we are the latter when really we are the former. She explores what it is to ‘know’, in the sense of know someone. Can we really say that we fully know anyone, even a life partner or close friend ? If we cannot say that, how can we say that we ‘know’ God?
She then takes the reader through a series of interlinked chapters to show a way of ‘unknowing’. I think many Julians, as I did, would find this a helpful and encouraging book, as we try to ‘be still and know’.