A book that opens the heart

This is a book that opens the heart.  Tender, thought-provoking, compassionate, and insightful, it leads us on a circular journey from understanding what we need and mean by home, through experiences of homelessness and forced displacement, to a true coming home to the self and the divine.

This is a book that invites us to be truthful and to express that truth uncompromisingly in the ways we live. It is a book to savour and to draw courage from – the courage to be true to ourselves and to what we know of the divine, to be true to each other, to those around us, to all fellow creatures on the planet, and to the planet itself. It reminds us of our deepest need to belong and to heal what has been wounded, to overcome our fear of difference, of the “other”, and to be truly at home in every aspect of our lives.

Marian McNaughton Quaker Voices, July 2010