Journey Home

journey home  coverISBN 978-1-78099-151-1 . UK: £11.99; US: $24.95

O Books, 2012


Originally published in 2010 with the title The O of  Home. 

When Jennifer Kavanagh asked people at random, “What does the word home mean to you?” answers included a house, a community, a country, family life or “within me, wherever I am”. Many said that they had never had a home or were still searching for what it meant.

The germ of Journey Home lies in Jennifer’s work with street homeless people in the late 1990s, and running a community centre in the East End of London. It was hard to believe that such poverty existed in one of the richest countries of the world. It was not until someone mentioned the word “home” that she found a way to write about not just some special group but the experience of us all.

As Jennifer explored our inner and outer identities, her awareness became more personal, and a sense of what home might be to her began to emerge.

For the connected board game, go to Journey Home board game website.

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