Treasure in the Field

Some years ago I lost a ring. It was an amethyst ring that my husband and I had bought on our last holiday together some twenty years before. I remembered where we had bought it: on our last day in the hill town of Cordes in France – and we had to wake up the jeweller to buy it. Shirtless, he pushed up the bedroom window to find out what we wanted, then came down and sold it to us.

I was sad at its loss, and then I let it go.

About five years later I sat up in bed one morning, and thought: Jennifer, you are becoming routine. You always read something first thing in the morning. Do something different.

What shall I do?

I’ll listen to some music.

What shall I listen to?

The St Matthew Passion.

As I got the double CD out of its box, I heard something rattle, and there was the ring.

When I emailed a friend about it, he said: “It sounds like the Treasure in the Field.”

So, I looked it up, and where was it? In St Matthew’s Gospel.