Finding the Balance

It is only in assuming full responsibility for our world, for our lives and for ourselves that we can be said to live really for God. (Thomas Merton)

Living as a contemplative in the world is about taking that responsibility. We are mutually accountable for what after all is our world, a world not outside but part of our deepest self. It is not to live in abstraction. We are embodied. The incarnation in several religions teaches us of the inseparability of matter and spirit: our wholeness, integrity, groundedness are a crucial expression of who we are. Spirit without matter is as unbalanced as matter without spirit or materialism. Life in the world is about a series of balances: of the life within and the outside world; inner experience and outward witness; humility and using our full potential; being passive to God and active to the world; concentration on the present moment and with a view to the far horizon; time in eternity; this place in infinity. Joy and suffering; love and detachment; plenitude and the void.

(from The World is our Cloister)