A slow day

I tried a day in which I did everything slowly.

I noted in my journal what I noticed, even after half an hour

  • How frustrating
  • How I notice more
  • That I associate slow movement with being old, disabled
  • Handwriting changes [and you should see the very odd child-like script of this journal entry!]
  • I think fast/jump to conclusions
  • How I relay on speed – before the tap water gets too hot; doing something else while the kettle boils
  • Forces me to be more mindful
  • Only stick with it because it’s an exercise
  • Speed keeps me warm and is less painful (walking*)
  • Concentrating on dotting “i”s slowly!
  • Such hard work!
  • Am used to certain rhythms eg pouring a certain amount of liquid in the washing machine
  • Tendency to skip things – all too much effort
  • Throwing and shaking things slowly doesn’t work!
  • Nor does singing along
  • Forgot when answering the intercom and in the post office
  • Embarrassing at the Sainsbury check-out with a queue behind
  • And when talking on the phone.

*written before a hip operation

Nonetheless, I might try it again.